D.I.D X-Ring Chain

D.I.D’s maintenance- and lubricant-free X-ring chains use a patented X-ring seal that keeps the factory lubricant inside the joint, ensuring optimal lubrication in all circumstances. In addition to keeping the lubricant in the joint, the X-ring also keeps foreign particles out, making X-ring chains the only genuinely maintenance-free chain. The patented X-shaped seal creates five separate sealing surfaces inside the joint. Thanks to the lower surface pressure and increased number of sealing surfaces, the seal creates significantly less friction than an O-ring.

D.I.D is one of the most well-known and respected chain manufacturers in the motorcycle world. The excellent X-ring chain that motorcyclists may be familiar with is now also available for industrial use.

X-ring chains are also available in stainless steel.

The video above compares the non-lubricated wear resistances of a normal carbon steel chain, a maintenance-free sintered bushing chain and D.I.D’s sealed chain.

The video above compares the dust generated by different chains in a cleanroom environment.

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