Drop Forged Chains

Drop forged chains have proven to be one of the most reliable ways of moving materials. They are highly resistant to wear and have high tensile strength. Thanks to many different flight designs, drop forged chains are well-suited to a wide variety of uses and applications. They are available in many different materials and with a variety of hardening options.

Drop forged chains are excellent for moving material that can easily cause blockages. Thanks to the design, the joints of drop forged chains stay clear of foreign material better than those of other chains in these kinds of environments. They are also perfect for many applications that involve subjecting the chain to extremely high temperatures. When using normal materials, temperatures of over 300 ºC can damage the chain, degrading its properties. However, with the right special materials and hardening methods, chains can be made resistant to temperatures of up to 800 ºC.

Find your perfect solution in Chain World’s selection of drop forged chains!


Chain World has its own range of drop forged chains. By far the most common sizes used are 142N (14218) and 142V (14226). You will find these in stock at Chain World’s warehouse.

We offer every flight design there is, always tailored to your requirements or built to your designs, specifications and material demands. Our drop forged chains and flights are assembled in Lapua.

We also supply sprockets for drop forged chains, built to your specifications just like the chains themselves. Our warehouse stocks 6-, 8- and 10-tooth sprocket blanks with an integral hub and removable rims for 142-pitch chains. Smooth idler wheels are also kept in stock, for which we can machine the necessary hubs with quick delivery.


The Italian chain factory Manifattura Catene Viganó M.C.V. SpA was founded in 1962. MCV’s products are available in a number of different materials and hardening options. We can also custom harden MCV chains according to our customers’ specifications. MCV chains are forged, machined to an exacting standard and hardened in Italy.

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