Double-Pitch Chains

Double-pitch roller chains have the same joint design as normal roller chains, but their pitch is twice as long. These are sometimes also called extended-pitch roller chains. Double-pitch roller chains are commonly used in conveyors, which require longer spans and lower speeds than drive chains. These chains typically have low pin, bushing and roller wear due to the low speeds they are operated at.

Double-pitch roller chain reference numbers, example C2080H: The letter C indicates that the chain is intended for conveyor use. The first number, 2, indicates a double-pitch chain. The middle two numbers indicate the corresponding ANSI size, 08 meaning ANSI 80, whereas the numbers 10 would mean ANSI 100. The last number indicates the size of the roller, 0 meaning a normal S-roller and 2 a larger R-roller. The letter H at the end indicates that this is a heavy version, which means the thickness of the side plates is equal to that of the next-larger chain size. In this case, the thickness of the side plates corresponds to an ANSI 100 chain.

Double-pitch roller chains are compatible with normal sprockets. When used with a normal sprocket, the chain will mesh with every second tooth. Sprockets with less than 9 teeth (18 when using a normal sprocket) are not recommended for use with double-pitch chains.

Conveyors are best served by heavy double-pitch roller chains. Double-pitch roller chains can be equipped with various brackets. For C2080H and C2100H chains, which are common in Finland, we can manufacture welded brackets to our customers’ specifications at our factory in Lapua.

Chain World ALWAYS STOCKS large quantities of at least C2080H and C2100H double-pitch roller chains in various quality brackets.

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