Chain Tensioners

Chain World sells Snapidle free-floating chain tensioners. The patented design of Snapidle’s chain tensioner allows the chain to ride through the tensioner on its side plates, minimising wear. Snapidle tensions evenly, guides and quiets while simultaneously increasing both chain and sprocket life. No separate mounting device is needed, and the chain tensioner requires no maintenance. Snapidle is economical, easy to install and maintenance free. Snapidle chain tensioners work regardless of the direction of rotation.

  • Standard – for most applications.
  • Extra Heavy – for extreme conditions, such as dry, dusty and gritty environments.
  • Narrow – a space-saving model for tight areas.
  • Hi-Temp – for higher operating temperatures (90–230 °C).
  • Self Lubricating – for applications where lubrication is a problem. Tensions and lubricates the chain. Top block contains up to 40% oil.

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