Stainless-Steel Chains

Stainless steel is an iron alloy that contains more than 10% chromium. There are various grades of stainless steel. Many of the chains we sell also come in stainless-steel versions. The number-one benefit of stainless-steel chains is their corrosion resistance. Depending on the material used, stainless-steel chains can also be highly resistant to corrosion caused by various chemical agents. Stainless-steel chains also boast good resistance to extreme temperatures. Good-quality stainless-steel roller chains have a recommended operating temperature ranging from -10 °C to 400 °C.

The downsides of stainless-steel chains include their reduced ultimate tensile strength in comparison to a comparably sized carbon steel chain, along with their lower maximum allowable load. These chains also often have reduced wear resistance in comparison to carbon steel chains and are more expensive.

Despite their downsides, stainless-steel chains are often the only correct choice for applications where they need to be washed regularly for hygiene reasons, where they are exposed to acidic or alkaline conditions, where corrosion is a problem or where operating temperatures are very high.

Chain World’s selection includes a wide variety of stainless-steel chains.

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