Food Industry

Chain World supplies a wide variety of chain solutions that meet the strict demands of the food industry. Many chain applications in the industry do not allow for traditional lubrication. In applications such as these, maintenance-free chains allow for longer service lives and greater reliability. Plated and coated chains are also an excellent solution for corrosive environments.


Stainless and acid-resistant roller chains in all sizes from various manufacturers. At Chain World, we produce special chains tailored to meet our customers’ needs and specifications. We also produce chains that are usually only available from the manufacturers of the equipment they are for.


Chain World offers a wide variety of plated and coated roller chains. The most common types of plating and coating are nickel, zinc, DACROMET® and composite coatings. Plating and coating make roller chains suitable for challenging conditions, fluctuating temperatures and varying levels of humidity. With our help, you will have no trouble finding the best solution for your requirements from among our extensive selection of plated and coated chains.

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