Maxtop Corrosion Resistant

Maxtop’s CR chains use a corrosion-resistant DACROMET® coating that protects them from water and moisture. This makes these chains excellent for outdoor applications and wet or humid environments. The coating gives CR chains a distinctive silvery grey colour.

CR chains are available in sizes 06B (3/8”) – 24B (1½”) in both simplex and duplex configurations. Maxtop chains use seamless bushings and rollers.

Maxtop CR chains have been salt spray tested (ASTM B117), in which they are rated for a minimum of 500 hours before corrosion starts to form on the chain. The durability and tensile strength of these chains is comparable to that of a normal carbon steel chain, but they have clearly superior corrosion resistance to normal, nickel-plated or even zinc-plated chains.

Maxtop CR chains are an excellent choice for applications such as sawmill dryers, where both temperature and humidity vary wildly!

CR chainAt least 500 hours
Standard chainLess than 4 hours
Nickel-plated chainLess than 20 hours
Zinc-plated chainLess than 80 hours

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