Sawmill Industry

Chain World offers a wide variety of chain solutions for the demands of the sawmill industry. Many chains in sawmills cannot be lubricated traditionally. In places like these, maintenance-free chains allow for longer service lives and greater reliability. Plated and coated chains are also an excellent solution for corrosive environments.


Chain World’s catalogue includes roller chains with a variety of different platings and coatings, including nickel, zinc, DACROMET® and composite coatings. Plating and coating make roller chains suitable for challenging conditions, fluctuating temperatures and varying levels of humidity. At sawmills, plated and coated chains are used in places such as dryers.


Maintenance- and lubrication-free chains, such as D.I.D X-ring chains and KÖBO Endurance chains, have a significantly longer service life in dusty environments than standard chains.

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