Conveyor Chains

The purpose of a conveyor chain and the flights attached to it is to move material. Common drag conveyor chains are available in different models for different load requirements. The most crucial characteristic of a conveyor chain is its ultimate tensile strength and impact strength. Other important characteristics include wear resistance and smooth joint articulation. Conveyor chains are usually fitted with flights in the form of paddles, scrapers or other attachments that help move material. These flights can be installed either by welding them directly to the chain or by attaching them with brackets.

The dimensions of conveyor chains are determined by a number of different standards. M-type conveyor chains, described in ISO 1977:2006, are the most common type of conveyor chain used in Finland. Other common types are A-type chains, described in SMS 1698 (aka the Swedish standard), and FV-type chains, described in DIN 8165. A number of other chain designs, such as WH chains, are also used as conveyor chains.

Our partners manufacture practically every type of conveyor chain in existence. The chains can be ordered from the manufacturers with flights already installed, or they can be installed at our factory in Lapua. Contact our sales team for more information!


The most durable conveyor chains on the market, made in Finland.

Conveyor environments and uses vary, and it is impossible to achieve the best possible results in every possible application with one chain. Because of this, we have taken conveyor chains to a completely new level by introducing two entirely new product families to the market. The number-one considerations when choosing a chain are productivity and competitiveness.

Whichever product family you choose, Lapua chains are made entirely in Finland. Always.

  • Lapua Ultra® – For heavy-duty use and demanding operating conditions.
  • Lapua Standard® – For lighter use and original equipment.
  • Origin – The chains are manufactured entirely in Lapua, from components to assembly.
  • Warranty – Lapua Ultra is the only conveyor chain in the world that comes with a full-service-life warranty.
  • Technology – The newest process on the market: the Lapua Hybrid® hardening method.


German chain manufacturer KÖBO has been making chains since 1894.

Thanks to their long and storied history in the industry, KÖBO’s quality is exceptional and their technical expertise outstanding. KÖBO’s expertise is particularly evident in the chains they make for the food, car wash, asphalt and concrete industries. They also manufacture many escalator chains.

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