Special Chains

Virtually any type of chain can be classified as a special chain. Our partners manufacture a wide variety of special chains, and we or one of our partners may already stock the type of special chain you need. If not, it can often be custom made. Special chains are usually based on an existing type of chain, but it is also entirely possible that a machine uses an entirely new type of chain developed specifically for it.

However, machine manufacturers very rarely make their own chains; they buy them from chain manufacturers like Lapua Chains or one of our partners. Often, when companies buy replacement chains for machines, they do not know where the original chain came from or who made it. In many cases, companies try to save on spares, resulting in poor-quality chains that still cost a significant amount. When you buy from us, you always know where your chains come from.

We can offer chains that previously would only have been available from the machine manufacturers themselves!


Lapua Chains is a chain manufacturer that works in close collaboration with other chain manufacturers. We offer chains for both existing applications and our customers’ own designs and specifications. Together with our partners, we can manufacture practically any type of chain imaginable. We have worked successfully on a number of projects that involved changing or improving the chains our customers use. Thanks to our work, our customers’ machinery runs smoother, more reliably or with a longer chain service life. In some cases, it’s all of the above!

Whatever type of chain you need, get in touch with us and we will help you find the best solution!


Curved tracks place special requirements on chains. Standard chains do not flex far enough side to side. This is where side bow chains come in. They are special chains that have looser joints than normal, allowing them to flex left or right.

Side bow chains are used in places such as the food industry.

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