Sharp-top Chains

Sharp-top chains are used for moving items. They are based on normal roller chains but use serrated side plates to reduce slipping on the conveyor. There are a wide variety of side plate designs.

Sharp-top chains are most commonly used in the sawmill industry. The most common applications are in feeding lumber and moving sawn timber. The sharp-top chains we sell have an improved mechanical design that makes them better suited to conveyor applications. One extremely important factor in sharp-top chains is the hardening of the components. Poor-quality sharp-top chains wear extremely quickly.

Chain World’s catalogue includes our own British standard chains with 1” (16B) pitch and Lapua chains with 1.5” (24B) and 2” (32B) pitch.

We also offer sharp-top chains made by other manufacturers, and the models our customers use can often be custom made.


Our warehouse stocks 16B-1 chains with a side plate height of 21 mm and simplex and duplex 16B chains with a side plate height of 25 mm. Other models are also available.


Lapua Chains sharp-top chains are made entirely in Finland. They boast very high-quality materials and excellent hardening. The bushings and rollers are seamless. These qualities ensure that Lapua Chains sharp-top chains have very long service lives!

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